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Real-time financial alerts, reports and analytics for your practice.

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Who We Are

Practice SafeGuard was born from the conviction that doctors should be able to protect their businesses from theft and negligence.

It started in 1993 when Dr. Don Lewis was embezzled for over $200k, and could find no fraud experts in dentistry to help recover his oral surgery practice. He became a Certified Fraud Examiner and met world-class fraud accountants, investigators and data analysts who realized doctors could use their help.

The team created Practice SafeGuard, a web service that retrofits to existing practice software and provides 24×7 transaction monitoring and flexible business reporting.

Now in just minutes a week with Practice SafeGuard, doctors can respond instantly to potential issues, and use professional reports and data analytics to understand their businesses better.

What PSG Does

With 24×7 monitoring and alerts, doctors can respond instantly to prevent potential issues.
With flexible practice management reports, existing software becomes even more valuable.
With ad-hoc performance analytics, every practice can become a better business.

What Our Customers Say

  • My husband (DDS) and I (office manager) have attended Dr. Lewis’s seminars 4 times over the past 8 years. We always walk away with new ideas to strengthen our practice from the practice management aspect. What always amazes both of us is the endless energy and humorous presentation that Dr. Lewis always gives to his audiences. If you have not seen this presentation, then you are missing one of the best and entertaining seminars in healthcare!

    Dr. and Mrs. JMNew Orleans, LA
  • Any other course on embezzlement other than Dr. Lewis' course is just an imitation! Other speakers may attempt to imitate Dr. Lewis, but they will never duplicate his seminar. No other speaker can bring the passion portrayed by Dr. Lewis’! Dr. Lewis didn’t just read about embezzlement… he lived embezzlement

    Dr. JDPhoenix, AZ
  • Dr. Lewis' book, Employee Embezzlement and Fraud in the Dental Office is an excellent manual and mandatory reading for all healthcare professionals in practice today. The information is well-researched and presented. The main feature for me was the employment portion; prevention of the possibility of embezzlement. That portion alone is an excellent manual on hiring.

    Dr. JDWashington, DC
  • Dr. Lewis' presentation on office embezzlement was exceptionally entertaining and interesting! My only regret was the time permitted was only one full day!?

    Dr. JAPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Outstanding, thorough and humorous program!

    Dr. TSLos Angeles, California
  • It's all true! Been burnt twice!! Slick folks! We prosecuted criminally which took 2 years....wish we had attended Dr. Lewis' course prior to the prosecution.

    OMS ClientVermont
  • My husband (OMS) and I (RN) are about to open a practice as he prepares to leave the Naval service. This course was not only interesting, but certainly helpful!

    LN, RNEl Paso, Texas
  • This is one of the best courses I have ever attended!

    Dr. DPColumbus, OH