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Game-changing financial tools for OMSVision


Ready to see financial intelligence as it should be?

Practice SafeGuard is a new web service for oral surgeons that rolls your financial history into real-time performance metrics and custom financial reports you can create yourself to meet your specific reporting needs for any number of locations. At the same time, it alerts you to problematic ledger entries the moment they’re detected. Now you can:

  • Manage your business health with web-based analytics, reports and dashboards you can access from anywhere
  • Create custom reports and dashboards using any financial field in OMSVision and unlock true performance tracking and business intelligence
  • Speed audits and accounting accuracy with 24×7 ledger monitoring and instant alerts that help you detect mistakes or potential fraud
  • Schedule reports to hit any inbox at any frequency

With Practice SafeGuard monitoring your ledger and generating your financial reports, you can automatically share insight and delight your trainers and consultants with hard data they can use to be faster and more accurate at their jobs. Even better, your income is protected and you get performance data you can use to make better decisions, properly allocate funding and intelligently grow your business.

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Web technology benefits

Practice SafeGuard is the only web-based monitoring system of its kind for oral surgeons. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • It runs invisibly—teams won’t know it’s there unless you share it
  • A small web download gets you started in just a few minutes (that’s zero downtime)
  • It’s available 24×7 from any device with a web browser
  • No more “upgrades”, just fresh data every time you log in

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Our Customers Say

  • My husband (DDS) and I (office manager) have attended Dr. Lewis’s seminars 4 times over the past 8 years. We always walk away with new ideas to strengthen our practice from the practice management aspect. What always amazes both of us is the endless energy and humorous presentation that Dr. Lewis always gives to his audiences. If you have not seen this presentation, then you are missing one of the best and entertaining seminars in healthcare!

    Dr. and Mrs. JMNew Orleans, LA
  • Any other course on embezzlement other than Dr. Lewis' course is just an imitation! Other speakers may attempt to imitate Dr. Lewis, but they will never duplicate his seminar. No other speaker can bring the passion portrayed by Dr. Lewis’! Dr. Lewis didn’t just read about embezzlement… he lived embezzlement

    Dr. JDPhoenix, AZ
  • Dr. Lewis' book, Employee Embezzlement and Fraud in the Dental Office is an excellent manual and mandatory reading for all healthcare professionals in practice today. The information is well-researched and presented. The main feature for me was the employment portion; prevention of the possibility of embezzlement. That portion alone is an excellent manual on hiring.

    Dr. JDWashington, DC
  • Dr. Lewis' presentation on office embezzlement was exceptionally entertaining and interesting! My only regret was the time permitted was only one full day!?

    Dr. JAPittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Frequently Asked Questions

qDo I need a specific practice management software to run Practice SafeGuard?

aPractice SafeGuard is currently available for OMSVision 2013 and Dentrix G5. We’ll add more Henry Schein applications throughout 2014; check this page or call us for the latest.


Is my data secure, and what precautions does Practice SafeGuard take?


Practice SafeGuard does not manage your database, it mirrors your data and refreshes every hour. This way, we don’t actually keep an open connection but you always have the latest entries. We use 128 bit SSL encryption, the most secure connection available, to ensure our access never puts your data at risk. For more details, view our Privacy Policy.

Note: Practice SafeGuard is a third party application and manages its security independently from your source applications. We do not guarantee your practice network or software database security. You, as the source database licensee and user, are responsible for full and complete patient confidentiality in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA).

qHow does Practice SafeGuard affect my software performance?


Practice SafeGuard does not affect software performance. Because it is web-based, no storage is needed on your servers. Your only download is a small installer which connects to your database every hour to retrieve fresh data. All that is needed to keep Practice SafeGuard current is an internet connection to your source database. Note: We are vigilant to ensure that our integrations with OMSVision and Dentrix are always current. If you have specific questions, please contact us.


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  • IMPORTANT: Practice SafeGuard is a confidential service for doctors. For your security, please provide a direct email address and phone number where you have private access. General office information that requires us to go through staff is not secure. This is where you'll be contacted with confidential financial information about your practice.